Bridget Marowski has loved vintage from an early age. Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania, she frequented thrift stores with her parents and gained an appreciation for pieces that were unique and helped her to stand out from the crowd. 

After high school, she moved to the Philadelphia area where she studied to be a Spanish teacher. Sometimes, life leads us down a winding path and Bridget was not spared this by any means. She walked away from a career in teaching, unsure of what the future held, and decided to pursue a passion that had been put on the back burner... fashion. 

She worked a lot of small jobs in fashion journalism and styling while maintaining a blog based on her love for vintage. This blog then morphed into her own small online shop which was beloved by many in the suburban Philadelphia area. 

After a few years of feast or famine, Bridget was hired by Urban Outfitters to work as a buyer for Urban Renewal. During this time she made priceless connections with members of the vintage community that ultimately led her to California. 

She is the creative director of Baz Brothers Unlimited, a wholesale vintage supplier, as well as the designer for her Renewed Vintage line which is an ode to the Golden State and its rich fashion history. 

Bridget currently lives in Fresno, California with her two rescue dogs, Chalupa and Murphy.